Graduation.. Now what?

June 9, 2019

So, it's been nearly a month since I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and after taking a Hawaiian vacation to postpone the inevitable stress that comes along with being a recent college grad, (one of which being the fact that I'm broke, but I'd rather be broke in Hawaii, ya feel me?) I find myself here, in my room writing this post, praying to the universe I find my purpose and become a self-sufficient adult contributing to society. (That last part I'm already pretty good at. My mom calls it a "shopping addiction" but I prefer to frame it as helping the economy.)


But anyways, back to my quarter-ish life crisis. What in the world am I supposed to do with myself for the next 60+ years?! Don't get me wrong, I have big dreams and the drive to achieve them. It's finding where and how to start that's the hard part. I've applied to many jobs and either been ghosted or sent the always lovely "We've decided to move forward with another candidate" email. What gives?!


I'm a big believer in timing, fate and intentional speaking. Most of the jobs were filled in a timeframe I realistically couldn't have made work. Some of them just weren't meant to be. But in all of these cases, the way I was talking to myself and those around me inadvertently became negative. "I'm not good enough," or "no one is going to hire me," are examples of the unintentional and sabotaging talk I've been engaging in. However, I have proof in my life that positive, intentional speaking really works!


Just the other day, I was waiting for an email back from a recruiter about a job I'm really hoping to get. After several days of waiting I started to accept that maybe I just won't get a response. Until one night when I was lying in bed I thought to myself, "No, you know what? He's going to email me back tomorrow. He is. I'm qualified for this job, I'm a great match for the company. It's going to happen."


Sure enough, he emailed me back that next day. I encouraged my dad to do this with me this morning before we had a showing for our house. I said lets just put it out there that we're going to get an offer today. So, we said it out loud, internalized our hope and a few hours later we had an offer.


Maybe these were coincidences. Certainly I can't ask the universe to deliver a pony to my front door tomorrow and actually expect a follow-through. But, the point of all of this, and the lesson it has taught me is simple. You get what you give in this world. If I'm constantly negative about myself, how can I expect others to see me positively? Conversely, I've been shown that when you put positivity into the world and you set goals and intentions for yourself, you get results.


So, here's me putting it out there that I will find that perfect match. A fulfilling job where I'm able to make real contributions and put my skills and new degree to work. Wish me luck! 


It's going to be an exciting ride and I can't wait to see where I end up! 



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